Zimbardo on Evil

Posted on December 2, 2019


If you were not in class today, please make sure that you view Quiet Rage, the film on the Stanford Prison Experiment (see embed below). For your last Zimbardo reflection on the Stanford Prison Experiment, I would like a list of nine questions that you had while viewing as well as a brief list of possible confounding variables. This is as a part of the usual reflection for your journal. Please incorporate your thoughts as well regarding the following article and what we discussed today:

The Lifespan of a Lie

Here’s Zim’s talk on Ted.com regarding the problems at Abu Ghraib prison and generally why good people can go bad – and how it can really happen to anyone. It’s an excellent Ted Talk if you have the time to watch it. It’s a condensation of his book The Lucifer Effect, which is long and a little dry, but still terrifying. I recommend it.