AP Seminar Task 2 Stimulus Materials

Posted on November 21, 2019


When you figure out your research question, please post it as a comment, complete with name and class period. I’ll be reading over them to make sure they’re good research questions. Try to have settled on something by the end of class on Wednesday or Thursday depending on if you’re B Day or A Day.

2019 AP Seminar released source packet

This, like your work for Task 1, is to prepare you for what you’ll be doing next semester. You will have SIGNIFICANTLY more time next semester for the official one. This is just a chance to familiarize yourself with the individual research based essay and presentation.

Please look over the rubric for expectations on the assignment. You will have to use the sources in the packet, plus sources that you have found on your own, to create a research paper. The final one is 2000 words (8ppgs double spaced) and should include the sources from the packet and at least five outside sources (minimum 2 peer reviewed).

The specific directions are within the source packet, but here is a summary:

You must identify a research question prompted by analysis of the provided
stimulus materials, gather information from a range of additional sources, develop
and refine an argument, write and revise your argument, and create a presentation
that you will be expected to defend.

Keep in mind that this activity is to familiarize you with the process; it is NOT a real Task 2. Do your best in the time allotted. This does not have to be perfect. The feedback I will give you is part of a growing process and will NOT be evaluated by the College Board.