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AP Seminar Final PT2 Papers Due

May 12, 2020


If you are NOT taking the AP Seminar exam and you would like your paper to count, please submit it to by 11:59 Sunday night. I will not be accepting them any later than that because I need to input grades on them ASAP. Seniors, if you can, submit them by Thursday morning so […]

Performance Task 2 Final Submission

May 8, 2020


For those of you NOT taking the AP Seminar exam (ONLY THOSE PEOPLE), please submit your final Performance Task 2 papers to by 11:59 next Friday night so I can get those into the gradebook and give you guys credit for all of your hard work. If you are taking the test, remember to […]

AP Seminar Reminder: Please submit rough drafts tomorrow

April 2, 2020


Please e-mail me a copy of what you have so far for your PT2 paper by tomorrow night at 11:59. Send it to so I can sort and organize them by classes. I can’t give you feedback, of course, but I do want to look at them to see where you are and see […]

AP Seminar Rough Draft

March 30, 2020


This is just a check-in for me to see where you are with your current research. I can’t offer you feedback on this, but it would still behoove you to send me more than a paragraph, especially since without being at school you *should* have some time to work on this paper. Please e-mail me […]

Performance Task 2: Individual Research-Based Essay and Presentation

February 26, 2020


Ok, guys, time for the hard part. The IRB essay is worth 24.5% of your AP Exam grade, and your individual presentation and defense is worth 10%. You can’t hide as part of a team for this one. It’s all on you. Please read the section of the CED about PT2 starting on page 40. […]

Performance Task 2 Submission Instructions

December 16, 2019


This will be graded in the same way as your last paper submission – it is practice, but you will get full feedback on an AP Rubric when we get back next semester. Please take that feedback to heart since I cannot offer any next semester on your official assignments. Late submissions will be docked […]

AP Seminar Task 2 Stimulus Materials

November 21, 2019


When you figure out your research question, please post it as a comment, complete with name and class period. I’ll be reading over them to make sure they’re good research questions. Try to have settled on something by the end of class on Wednesday or Thursday depending on if you’re B Day or A Day. […]