Performance Task 2: Individual Research-Based Essay and Presentation

Posted on February 26, 2020


Ok, guys, time for the hard part. The IRB essay is worth 24.5% of your AP Exam grade, and your individual presentation and defense is worth 10%. You can’t hide as part of a team for this one. It’s all on you.

Please read the section of the CED about PT2 starting on page 40. Don’t forget, I’ve posted sample work and rubrics on the main AP Seminar page.

As supplied by the College Board, here is the expanded rubric for the presentation and oral defense. Please make sure that you review this before you construct your 6-8 minute presentation.

Your resource packet is available to download and read from the AP Portfolio. You can discuss the documents with your classmates as much as you want to. Please make sure that your research question ties into at least two of the documents clearly and that your work incorporates the sources from the packet clearly.

To help you with analysis of the sources, here is the Argument Analysis sheet that we use in class. Other than your sources from the packet, you should aim for a minimum of five additional sources in your paper.

You will have until April 16th in class to read your sources, research, write your 2000 word essay, and create & practice your presentations. Presentations will run from April 20th through April 28th. Your papers need to be uploaded to your AP Portfolio NO LATER than 11:59 on April 29th.

If you are late on your submission to the portfolio, the College Board will not accept your work and you will get a score of zero. DO NOT BE LATE.