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APEH: The Rise of Inter-War Dictators

April 27, 2020


We’ve already covered one inter-war dictator in Joesph Stalin, who will become a temporary ally of the US in WWII – it’s a great example of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.” It’s also a great example of why neither Hitler nor Stalin should be trusted, because they both completely exploited each other […]

Review Materials for ALL AP CLASSES

April 23, 2020


Please remember that each AP class has review materials released. The College Board has released practice in AP Classroom (please be aware that the questions/rubric may not correlate with the home testing rubric). I have also released questions into AP Classroom for practice – Psych, you have FRQ practice in there. APWH/AP Euro, you also […]

APEH: Stalin and Propaganda

April 22, 2020


We’ll just slide right into Stalin from Lenin before heading westward to see how Europe is coping with the post-WWI fallout (spoiler: it’s not well). I’m not going to reinvent the wheel here, so I’d like for you guys to see the assignment that I posted on Monday for APWH on Stalin and his propaganda. […]


April 21, 2020


Just a reminder, we’ll be discussing the War Poets and Art from last week, so bring your favorite pieces (or their titles, so I can share them with everyone).   Topic: APEH Zoom Time: Apr 21, 2020 01:30 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada) Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 959 3508 5506 Password: 088696

APEH: The Rise of Vladimir Lenin and the Bolshevik Party

April 20, 2020


A reminder: we’ll have a Zoom meeting tomorrow on the art and poetry of WWI. Vladimir Lenin’s rise to power was part German subterfuge and part horrific lies about Peace, Land, and Bread. For today, please view the second part of The Russian Revolution in Color. After you have completed viewing it, read this excerpt […]

APEH: The Russian Revolution

April 16, 2020


NB: We will hold a Raszoomstin next Thursday during our regular Zoom sessions. I can’t not talk about this guy. The Russian Revolution is my favorite thing to teach and it is killing me that we aren’t in school for me to be able to do it. This is why we’re having the Raszoomstin. Unfortunately […]

APEH: The lasting impact of WWI Culturally and Politically

April 14, 2020


There were two outcomes to WWI, neither of which were good. The entire war shaped a whole generation’s views of life, death, beauty, futility, and patriotism. The people who made it out of the war were called the Lost Generation, and the people who didn’t make it out of the war were simply lost. For […]