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Adolf Hitler’s Lost Grandson?

April 19, 2018


Something that’s often said about Adolf Hitler  is “oh, thank goodness he didn’t ever reproduce.” Oops. Turns out he apparently had an affair with a French woman during WWI, who wound up having a child that Hitler never outwardly acknowledged (though the SS did give her bundles of money during the war). Later on, that […]

PBS’s Armenian Genocide Roundtable

April 17, 2018


About a third of the country’s PBS stations did not air the roundtable discussion that we will view in class. The roundtable was protested by many Armenian groups because it gave a platform for those who deny that a genocide took place. The New York Times published an article regarding the cancellation, which you guys […]

Why Does History Matter?

January 2, 2018


No one would ever ever dare question the importance for studying history, right? Seriously, though, if you’ve ever wondered why you’re in this class – why world history is important – this is a good breakdown for you.

The Prince

August 4, 2017


If you weren’t here in class today, here’s the in-class reading/discussion. Please complete these attached questions regarding Machiavelli’s work The Prince. Many of these are philosophical and personal questions with no correct answer. The goal of this activity is to get you to evaluate Machiavelli’s viewpoint and perspective. Please keep in mind that much of […]