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The Communist Manifesto Readings & Questions

October 30, 2018


If you weren’t in class today, here is a synopsis of Marx’s Communist Manifesto (don’t worry – I’m not making you read the actual whole thing – it’s dry). After you complete the readings, please answer the questions regarding it. The Crash Course on this is SUPER HELPFUL. The Communist Manifesto summary Questions: Marx_Manifesto Advertisements

Industrial Revolution Notes

October 22, 2018


Here are the not-chapter 20 but still the correct material notes. Feel free to use them on the webquest that I gave you in class today. Industrial Revolution Notes    

Old Regime & Enlightenment Notes

September 21, 2018


Here’re some bonus notes for you guys to look at if you get super bored during Fall Break. Also, here’re some of the videos that we checked out during class and discussed. ap-euro-10-society-and-economy-under-the-old-regime ap-euro-11-the-enlightenment