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APEH: Industrial Revolution Working Conditions Readings/Documentary

March 13, 2020


If you were absent on Friday, this is the BBC Documentary on the Industrial Revolution that we viewed. Please read the following two documents: “Testimony for the Factory Act of 1833: Working Conditions in England” The Condition of the Working Class in England” – Engels Please in the comments (you can log in with your […]

The Communist Manifesto Readings & Questions

March 10, 2020


If you weren’t in class today, here is a synopsis of Marx’s Communist Manifesto (don’t worry – I’m not making you read the actual whole thing – it’s dry). After you complete the readings, please answer the questions regarding it. The Crash Course on this is SUPER HELPFUL. The Communist Manifesto summary Questions: Marx_Manifesto

APEH: Industrial Revolution Notes

March 9, 2020


These are the notes for Chapter 20 from your textbook. Chapter 21 includes political ideas but it also includes the economic and social ideas that are key to understanding the Industrial Revolution. Here are the not-chapter 20 but still the correct material notes. Industrial Revolution Notes