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APWH: Protestant Reformation Webquest

February 5, 2020


Here’s is the assignment that you will be working on today and tomorrow. Please make sure that you follow the directions at the top of the sheet. You can either turn in a paper copy or share it with Do NOT email it to my work email. It will wind up in spam.

Protestant Reformation and Catholic Reformation Art

January 28, 2020


Google Arts and Culture has put together a wonderful compare and contrast regarding the two art styles. I forgot to publish this last week when we looked at the styles in class. This is a super cool tool – all of the images are in high res so you can zoom in and look at […]

Art of the Reformation and Counter Reformation

January 17, 2020


We discussed the differences in Catholic and Protestant art of the 1500s and 1600s today, especially the themes of virtue and their portrayal of Christ. For more in-depth information, I strongly suggest you guys read this analysis from Visual Arts Cork regarding the differences in style. Google Culture also has a nice, if brief, collection […]

Protestant Reformation Notes

January 15, 2020


If you missed today, you have readings by Luther and Tetzel to grab from me. Here’re the alternate Protestant Reformation notes – remember, these aren’t from our book! These are the actual textbook notes. Enjoy – Luther was not this adorable in real life.