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War Poets Extra Credit

April 16, 2018


Guys, sorry about the SNAFU with Valiant Hearts – I honestly thought that it was a freebie on the App Store. Never underestimate a mobile game’s ability to nickel and dime you to death. Anyway, as an alternative to completing the game, you may also complete this activity on the poetry of the soldiers who […]

BBC’s Trench Warfare Game

April 13, 2018


Here you guys go, as promised. Let’s see how well you guys do – or how frustrated you get. BBC Trench Warfare Game Spend some time poking around their site – their resources on WWI (and everything else) are tremendous. Another, more traditional game based around WWI is Valiant Hearts, which is a challenging puzzle […]

World War I Notes And War Poets

November 9, 2017


Ok guys, today marks the beginning of WWI – for our AP Euro class. You can find the PowerPoint here, and the War Poets readings for class here.