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APEH: The lasting impact of WWI Culturally and Politically

April 14, 2020


There were two outcomes to WWI, neither of which were good. The entire war shaped a whole generation’s views of life, death, beauty, futility, and patriotism. The people who made it out of the war were called the Lost Generation, and the people who didn’t make it out of the war were simply lost. For […]

APWH & APEH: What about the Spanish Flu?

April 3, 2020


I’ve seen more mentions of the 1918-1919 Spanish Flu pandemic in the press in the last month and a half than I ever have before (save for an APWH DBQ from a few years back). You guys might be wondering about it and why it was so bad – and why people keep citing it […]

APWH: The Causes of World War I

March 31, 2020


Everything that we’ve been discussing leading up to the start of this unit is a contributing cause of World War I. Nationalism led to a belief that individual countries’ cultures were superior to their neighbors’. To prove how much better they are, they had to build up their militaries – especially Germany – and they […]