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April 29, 2020


Today, we have three CCEH’s to view – WWII is kind of a massive deal, obviously. I’m very disappointed that I’m not there to talk about it with you because it deserves a lot of class time and a lot of discussion. If you have questions, of course, post them in the comments or shoot […]

APWH: The Aftermath of WWII and the Beginning of the Cold War

April 27, 2020


After the end of WWII, much like the end of WWI, there was a re-building period for Europe. How the post WWII years differed, however, is that the Western Allied Powers weren’t out for punishment. In Europe, the United States aided in the rebuilding via the Marshall Plan, or loans and payments to European countries […]

APWH: World War II and the Power of Propaganda/Practice DBQ

April 22, 2020


As an introduction, please view the following Crash Courses: World War II marks the near-midpoint of the 20th Century with one of the most atrocious periods in World History. It’s almost unfathomable to us today what a strain on resources, lives, and economies a total war like WWII was, but even deeper than that, it […]