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Protestant Reformation and Catholic Reformation Art

August 24, 2018


Google Arts and Culture has put together a wonderful compare and contrast regarding the two art styles. We examined these today during class after discussing last night’s readings. You can click on the individual paintings and zoom in to your heart’s content – they all have some wonderful background work, so have fun with this […]

The Northern Renaissance

August 15, 2018


Don’t forget to thumb through the Northern Renaissance powerpoint that we skimmed today – I blew through France and England in favor of the Dutch and Germans (sorry, England and France). Please finish the documentary that we began today in class on Bosch. Using the excerpt from TAML that I distributed earlier this week, identify […]

A Few Fun Middle Ages Art Things

August 1, 2018


The image on this post is the one that I was talking about in class today – Yoda made a special guest appearance in a manuscript. It was found by the curator of medieval manuscripts at the British Library, and has turned the blog into something of an internet phenomenon. From Vox, we have a […]