APEH: Art, Literature, and Culture at the Turn of the Century

Posted on March 27, 2020


The painting in the header image is one of Monet’s Water Lillies series, which is probably some of his most famous and identifiable artworks. The one I chose is the one housed at the St. Louis Art Museum, which is my personal happy place. It is a HUGE painting and it has its own room with a bench. It’s incredible to be able to get close to it and look at the brush strokes, but also just to sit there and take in the calm. I think we all could use a little calm.

Art and literature go through many, many changes between the 1870s and the nineteen-teens. It’s probably the most active and experimental period that I can think of (and it’s also the reason that I was waiting on the new HD screens). Please make sure that you scroll through the art crawl that I would normally go through with you guys, but do so after watching the Crash Course below:

And these:

Finally, when you get a second, put on your headphones and enjoy this walking tour of the SLAM’s Millet and Modern Art exhibit. This is where I, in a perfect world without COVID-19, would be over spring break. I’m very thankful they made their walking tour audio available with a tour of the exhibit.

When you guys have viewed all of the resources, please post one question in the comments, and feel free to answer your classmates’ questions as well. I’ll chime in, too.