Posted on March 27, 2020


The AP Exam will be 45 minutes long and written. Will it be several SAQs? Will it be an LEQ with a couple prompts for you to choose from? It’s a mystery until April 3rd. It’s basically like Mystery Kool-Aid at this point.

For right now, we need to do LEQ practice anyway, so I’ve assigned you guys the Unit 5 LEQ in AP Classroom. Before you crack that open and write, view the following YouTube video:

Read over the scoring rubric as well and have it handy as you write. When we return this will go into the Tests/Essays/Projects category after the grace period for turning in assignments expires. Remember, this is an essay, so aim for four paragraphs. It will be graded on content, not length.

Please make sure it’s submitted by 11:59 Monday evening. For practice’s sake, set a timer for 45 minutes so you can figure out how to best pace yourselves.