AP Seminar: TED Talk

Posted on March 27, 2020


As we head into the weekend, and into whatever else we’re heading in to, I know a lot of you are stressed and worried. I am too. I’m a news junky, and it’s tough for me to just check out and watch six hours of Schitt’s Creek like I should probably really be doing.

It’s fine to be stressed. It’s fine to be worried. And it’s fine to talk about it – or if you can’t talk about it, to journal about it. Your assignment for today is to watch Sangu Delle’s TED Talk on taking care of your mental health – and your assignment for this weekend is to try to do your best to take care of you. Stay in a routine, pick up an old hobby – or a new one! Find a new TV show or go re-watch The Office for the 100th time. You do you.