How To Get The Most Out Of Studying

Posted on January 3, 2019


We watched parts one and four during class, but I highly suggest both AP Psych and AP World History students watch all of these videos from Dr. Chew and take them to heart. They’re helpful hints for getting rid of the traditional rote memorization for tests that you have been trained to do – you have to actually learn and understand the material in my class, just like you have to do for college.

I had a lot of friends who used their high school study skills (mostly cram before a test, memorize stuff, get an A, and exempt the final) in college, and surprise surprise – they lost HOPE. I don’t want that to happen to you guys, and I’d like to make learning fun. What’s more enjoyable? Memorization or actually learning something that you’ll be able to retain and use? I like to think option B is.

I’m not saying that memorization isn’t necessary – you need to learn the vocab in psych, for example – but it helps to be familiar with the very basic ideas as a stepping stone for deeper understanding of the concepts. Memorization is boring. Actually learning something is fun.