OneNote Sharing Issues

Posted on August 9, 2019


If you are still having issues sharing your homework on Book II of the Republic and Book I of Utopia, please follow these instructions carefully:

Don’t use the phone app. Most people are having issues with OneNote’s app. Use a laptop.

If you still can’t log-in, send me a screen shot of the issue that you’re having and specifics (browser, etc.)

E-mail me your assignments (if you’ve written it on paper, take a photo of it) at DO NOT email my work address. Student emails, especially ones coming from the domain wind up in spam. If you email this address and I don’t see it, it’s on you for not following directions.

Please e-mail me all assignments by 11:59 pm TONIGHT. You already should have them done. This is just to give leeway for submission issues. If I do not have it in my inbox tomorrow AM when I wake up, it is a zero. I will take late work but I will deduct points.