The Hazards of Growing Up Painlessly

Posted on September 4, 2019


Today in class we saw the story of Gabby, a little girl who could feel no pain, and we also saw an update a few years on when she was getting ready to enter middle school. This excellent article from the NYT (it’s about 6 years old, so she’s your age now) looks at Ashlyn Blocker, who was featured in your textbook as a little girl. If you’d like to know some more about her background story, I strongly suggest it.

As an update to Gabby’s case, Oprah (who met her in 2005) did a “Where Are They Now” feature on her a couple of years ago – it’s the most up-to-date info on her that I can find. She seems to be doing pretty well (click on the embed’s title – the video hasn’t been deleted from the site).

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