AP Seminar: Comparative Analysis Directions & Due Date

Posted on September 3, 2019


Presentations will be 5 minutes each plus questions and will take place on 9/11 for A Day and 9/12 for B Day. If you need additional time you will get it but I will be at a workshop on 9/13. That day will not be your additional time.

Here are the step by step directions for your comparative analysis:

  1. Develop research question
  2. Have me check off on your research question & you initial next to your name that you’ve had this checked off
  3. Choose personal research lens (philosophical, historical, scientific, etc) that you will examine your research question through
  4. Using Gale PowerSearch or EBSCO (via AP Classroom), find, read, and compare five peer reviewed articles that pertain to and help answer your research question.
  5. Type up the comparisons and an explanation of how they specifically support your research question. This is not a research paper; this is a discussion of how you will/can use your sources to answer your question.
  6. This should be no longer than three pages in length, one and a half minimum (12 pt Times New Roman, double spaced). This should include an APA references page AS A SEPARATE PAGE. DRAG AND DROP this into the tab on OneNote Classroom. If OneNote is not working, SEE ME IN CLASS AND I WILL HELP YOU.
  7. You will have to present these and answer AP Seminar exam style questions about them on 9/11 (A Day) or 9/12 (B Day).

You will be getting three days in class to complete this assignment. You do not have to work on it outside of class if you don’t want to, aside from perhaps reading what you find. I am giving you class time so you can ask me for help, to review your articles, or if you need clarification on how to tie your research question into a specific research lens.

Please use your class time wisely. Wasting time in here will result in a lower grade on your assignment than if you utilized your resources.

Submit this to your OneNote Portfolio as a Word Document (or if you’re having problems with submission, e-mail it to apworldpapers@gmail.com)  by 11:59 Wednesday night for A Day or 11:59 Thursday night for B Day.