Chomsky Vs. Skinner Test Essay

Posted on September 30, 2019


This assignment is due on October 4th at 11:59, and will be worth 40 points in the test category. Submit it via (the PW for both is wheeler):

1st Block AP Psych: 21636236

4th Block AP Psych: 21636238

Please choose the viewpoint that you agree with more – B.F. Skinner’s theory of language acquisition or Noam Chomsky’s theory that we are all inborn with the ability to acquire language. You must then associate Genie’s language acquisition into indicators of intelligence (tests, etc) and justify what types of intelligence was present in Genie. You should write a two to three page double spaced paper justifying and backing up your viewpoint. Please utilize evidence from the episode of Nova on Genie that we viewed in class. You must use terminology from your textbook.

These sheets should help you:

Language Development


If you get information from an outside resource, please cite it using appropriate APA in-text and bibliographical format. will be of use here.

This video  may prove helpful; keep in mind that it is slightly pro-Chomsky.

The featured image for this post is actually a product you can buy here, if anyone feels REALLY REALLY strongly about Chomsky’s theory. Really strongly.