Microsoft Presenter Coach Info

Posted on November 11, 2019


AP Seminar, this will be very, very helpful for you guys. Here’re the instructions from the county on PowerPoint’s presenter coach feature, which will time rehearsals, keep count of uhhhs and ums, and also suggest stronger word choices for your presentations.

Follow these steps to get started with Presenter Coach:

1. Open Office 365

2. Open PowerPoint

3. Select the Slide Show menu

4. Click Rehearse with Coach

5. Click Start Rehearsing on lower right side of the screen

6. Click the microphone icon to start your presentation analysis

7. Practice your presentation while using the arrow keys to change slides

8. Click the microphone to stop recording

9. Hover your mouse over the bottom left of your screen, and click the End Show icon

A pop-up window will appear with suggestions on your speaking speed, sensitive word choices, use of fillers, and more.