AP Seminar Team Collab Prep

Posted on February 11, 2020


A reminder: we will begin presentations the Monday that we return from break. As I have instructed in class, your team should be at the point where they have collaborated, evaluated potential solutions, and should’ve begun putting together the TMP. If you have NOT reached that point in the research, you will have to do so over the break.

Please follow the student instructions which begin on page 36 of the Course and Exam Description. 

TMP Rubric and Scoring Notes

Examples of Oral Defense Questions

E-mail me ALL team presentations (APWorldPapers@gmail.com) by the beginning of presentations on Monday (B Day) or Tuesday (A Day).

From the CED: 

Working collaboratively, the team considers all of the research and analyses from individual team members for the purpose of proposing one or more solutions or resolutions.

The team:

▶ collaboratively synthesizes and evaluates individual findings and perspectives to create a collective understanding of different approaches to the problem or issue;

▶ considers potential solutions or resolutions and conducts additional research in order to evaluate different solutions within the context of the problem; and

▶ proposes one or more solutions or resolutions and prepares an argument to support their proposal.