APWH: Imperialism in Asia and Africa

Posted on March 18, 2020


This section of period 3 is why I assign King Leopold’s Ghost (which you need to be reading and completing your packet – hold that until we return).

European nationalism and the Industrial Revolution tied together as countries competed with each other economically. Part of each of these processes was getting raw resources for products. Eventually, as nations got richer and larger, these resources went into military growth – and Africa and Asia were the practice grounds for that.

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Pretend we’re in class and doing a Harkness (we are not, but roll with me). Please read/view the primary and secondary resources available in this document packet, then complete the chart/questions attached in a Word or Google Drive document. You can format the chart in your document however you want to (I suggest in a bullet list). Please upload it to TurnItIn.com by Friday night.