APWH: The Treaty of Versailles

Posted on April 2, 2020


This is the most important and also worst thought out treaty of the 20th Century. Austria-Hungary technically started WWI, but Germany had to shoulder the blame. Britain wanted to be pragmatic in the terms of the treaty, but it was an election year, so that went out the window. Woodrow Wilson had a good plan, but he couldn’t get his Congress to approve key parts of it. France was out for revenge against Germany, for good reason.

All of this boils down to a treaty that brings the hammer down hard on the Germans and a difficult and transitional time for their country, and it has unintended consequences that will reverberate through history through the end of time.

Please watch this episode of The Great War on the Treaty of Versailles (and if you are interested in WWI, this is a brilliant series):

After you have completed viewing, please read and complete this worksheet and upload it to Turn It In as soon as you can. Tomorrow is a work-day for you guys to get caught up.