More’s Utopia Readings for 8/7, 8/8

Posted on August 5, 2019


Please download Thomas More’s Utopia for free from iBooks, Kindle, Google Play Books, or Project Gutenberg.

Each text is formatted differently and More didn’t understand what a chapter was (yay, books from the 1500s!), so please pay careful attention to how I am assigning the readings. You can search each of the formats above for text; I advise using that to find the readings.

If you are using a paper copy of the book, please see me and I’ll help you find the assigned text.

For class scheduled on 8/7 (A Day) and 8/8 (B Day), please have read Book One from the introduction through the sentence that concludes “because it was his own observation.” Also please make sure that you have written your answers to the three questions about the excerpt of Book II that I’ve given you. They don’t have to be in complete sentences; they’re to guide our discussion.

Remember that the excerpt from The Bedford Researcher is your own resource and is to be read at your own pace. I’ll discuss it in class but it’s not direct assigned homework.

Please post three questions/observations and a one paragraph discussion by 8/9 (A day) or 8/10 (B day). We will discuss the book in class. If you have issues accessing the OneNote Classrooms, please e-mail me your work at and upload it when you can access the class.

AP Seminar A OneNote Classroom

AP Seminar B OneNote Classroom

I’m sorry about the amount of work for today – I promise everything will calm down and you’ll have more classtime once the schedule is a full class schedule.